Thursday 21 July 2016

Under the surface. A Fishes Tale.

Many moons ago when I was a keen angler I used to keep a diary of the various angling adventures and escapades I indulged in. I would illustrate the pages with all manner of watery creatures, various flies and lures, bits of tackle and equipment, baits used and so on and so forth! My favourite subjects though were the fish themselves. Some quick sketches but mainly painted in pen and ink from photographs taken at the time. It was a very enjoyable way of reflecting on a favourite pastime. I haven't done any fishing for a long time but I still like to observe what lies beneath the surface of a river, lake or pond at every opportunity. Visiting freshwater aquariums is a brilliant way to study how fish move in a near natural environment and I have stared into many over the years. I recently made some sketches and watercolours of some of my favourite fish which I take great pleasure in sharing on my blog.