Friday 25 January 2019


I just thought that I'd like to start the new year with a collection of botanical studies I made last season and hopefully set the tone for the coming spring and summer with some colourful fauna and images of some of my favourite plants. I like to draw and paint wild flowers as I find them on my wanderings and find such studies invaluable as background to my usual subjects of birds, insects and animals. I grow many wild plants in my garden and I also have a passion for Alpine plants, Pleione Orchids and Auriculas which I cultivate in troughs or under glass! Wild flowers and Orchids have a fragile beauty which is always a challenge to the artist but which I enjoy immensely. I find artists colour pencils are a brilliant medium for such fine and delicate work and I also use watercolour pencils and gouache on tinted papers. I sincerely hope my paintings do justice to the exquisite beauty of the plants?